Why I think TikTok is your best chance to be an influencer

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Everybody nowadays wants to be an influencer.

Your shot is pretty slim, but maybe there’s a social platform where you have a chance. Today I’m going to share why I think TikTok is the platform to be on if you’re looking to grow your audience or become an influencer. 

In the 12 years I’ve been in digital marketing, I haven’t seen users with the chance to blow up as INCREDIBLY fast as I’ve seen with TikTok. 

I’ll give you some examples…


This is David and his TikTok handle is @davidjustinn He has 3.7 million followers and 148 million likes. He shares interesting facts and info in a very simple manner.

And how long has he been on TikTok? Since September of 2019. 

It has only been 9 months and he has gathered 3.7 million followers. 

How long do you think it would take you to reach that on YouTube or Instagram?

The potential answer is at least several years, with the caveat that in reality, probably never. 

But wait, let’s head over to his YouTube. 


He has 15,000 subscribers, but ZERO videos. The dude has NO content, yet 15,000 people said, “Hey sure why not, I’ll follow him.”

From Instagram Famous to TikTok Mega Influencer

Our next example is a popular influencer named Liane V, who my fiance follows. Liane V has been around since 2013, so she’s an OG to the content creator game. 


Her instagram currently stands at 4.5MM followers and that has been from YEARS of building it up. 

Now let’s check out her TikTok. She currently has 10.5MM followers!


Even if she somehow managed to convince all of her 4.5MM instagram followers to ALSO follow her on TikTok, she still managed to more than double her following on TikTok in a very short time period. 

Frickin’ insane!

TikTok’s For You Page Creates Influencers

So why is this happening?

It is because of TikTok’s discovery engine called the ‘For You Page’, where their algorithm shares videos directly to your feed. 

They also do a lot of testing to try to gauge your interest in what you may want to see, so you do see a lot of variety. 

When I first joined, my feed was filled with thirst traps of girls who look way too young…

Thankfully that has changed, so now I can comfortably scroll through my TikTok feed in public because now it is filled with cute animal videos, life hacks, and home transformations. 

Anyways, the point is that TikTok’s discovery engine gives EVERYBODY almost an equal chance to try and capture a viewer’s attention through the For You Page. 

For sure they still give a higher view rate to the most popular accounts, but the thing with TikTok is that you actually have a chance to become a popular account. 

Unlike YouTube or Instagram where users typically have to type in a keyword in order to find new content, or you hope that the platform will show you in the suggested sections, TikTok gives you the ability to prove that your content is worthy of their algorithm to continue distributing it. 

For example, if your video garners 100-200 views, but viewers don’t complete it or like it, then the algorithm will start to slow it down. And if it continues to show that viewers aren’t that interested, then it’ll stop distributing in a half-day and hit the graveyard. 

However, if your video is grabbing lots of activity such as likes, high viewing rates, re-watches, and comments, then TikTok’s algorithm will keep on distributing it. 

And that’s the biggest difference that I’ve seen as to why TikTok is super powerful for those who are just starting out or want to expand their audience. 

How to monetize on TikTok

So a question that may be on your mind is: But, how do TikTokers make money?

Like with any platform, just because you have a following doesn’t mean that you actually make money. That in itself is a completely different topic that we’ll dig into another day. 

However, the point is that if you’re looking to create a brand online, it has become a necessity to build your audience. 

When you hold the attention of millions of people, you can always figure out monetization as you go. 

Building and growing an audience as an influencer is not easy, so brands and companies recognize this. 

So that’s why if you have an engaged audience, then the monetization aspect will absolutely follow whether you:

  1. Build out your own company and sell digital or physical products to your audience through an e-commerce store or online courses
  2. Grab sponsorships from brands
  3. Or port the audience over to places like YouTube where they do pay for views. Getting paid for views is also in the works for Instagram. 

My point is that opportunities are abundant when you have an audience of engaged followers. 

As entrepreneurs and video content creators, we are limited by the amount of time we have every day. You can’t “do it all” and succeed. You have to clamp down and narrow down your work in the beginning in order to succeed. 

We also have to be super open to experimenting and pivoting where and when needed. 

My personal TikTok ‘influencing’ plans

So for me personally, after digging into TikTok’s potential for growing an explosive audience, I’m going to start allocating a part of my focus to TikTok versus 100% on YouTube. 

My thought process is that if TikTok has the greatest chance right now to more rapidly grow an audience, and I can create content quicker there because my videos don’t have to be as refined as it does on YouTube, then I can knock out a greater quantity of videos to build my broader audience. 

Then, the more dedicated fans will click over to my YouTube, where they can explore higher quality videos and go deeper into topics of interest. 

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and what I discover so that you can implement the same in your own game plan if you’re interested. 

Here’s to you investing in your knowledge and future in the Freedom of Choice lifestyle. I’ll see you soon 🙂

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