What all small YouTubers need to hear

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Sooo…how many YouTube subs do you have? 50? 100? Few hundred maybe? And how often do you feel discouraged and you just want to stop because this YouTube stuff takes up sooo much time. Let me tell you why you should keep going, let’s go!

Hey what’s up everyone this is Alan and today I want to share a message that all small YouTubers need to hear. 

And this is coming from a fellow small YouTuber because as you can see, my subscriber count is currently…pretty unimpressive. 


However, with the influx of content creators into the market, I want to take this opportunity to share insights on the benefits of having a personal brand that is small to start. 

In other words, I hope this video encourages you to not compare yourself to the creators who have 100k or 1MM subs, but allow you to embrace your small humble beginnings because this part can be just as fun, but in a different way. 

Remember why you decided to become a YouTuber

You see, when you choose to become a content creator, you’re making the active decision to share your valuable knowledge and skills with others so you can help better their lives in one way or another. 

And it can be through business, fitness, relationship advice, or just pure entertainment because you want to make others laugh. 

Giving value is really the name of the game that we are playing. 

And when you’re a small Youtuber, the value that you can personally create in someone’s life on a more personal basis is greater than when you become big-time and your message shifts to satisfy a larger audience. 

Now here’s what I mean. I don’t think that anybody can really doubt that somebody like Tony Robbins can dramatically improve your life if he was your personal coach. If Tony was giving you undivided attention and personalized solutions to your problems, you would probably be leveling up your life every few months. 

As a matter of fact, people pay Tony Robbins $1MM per year to be their personal coach, so clearly, he drives results for them. 

However, for the rest of us who don’t have $1MM in cash laying around, Tony Robbins is just another larger than life guy on stage, in online videos and podcasts, and somebody who is here to help us, but in a VERY general manner.

The solutions that his business and brand offers have to fit the problems of the masses, not just customized to you or me. 

And I experienced this first-hand when I went to Tony’s event many years ago called ‘Unleash the Power Within”. I was a huge fan so I was super excited to go. 

However, after the first day and waiting until 2am to finally walk on hot coal, I realized that while Tony himself is extraordinary, the 4-day event itself would not really advance me personally because it was too general and full of sales pitches.

It’s everything that he has been preaching for 10-20 years, but just in a live format which was cool sometimes, but overall…not really my jam.

Your personal impact as a small YouTuber

So now let’s take it back to us, the smaller content creators that are just starting out. 

Your ability to make an impact on others on a personal level is the highest right now when you’re small because who you’re aiming to help is typically more focused. 

For example, sliding into my DMs and post comments are great entrepreneurial and side-hustle questions that I love answering. 

A community member recently asked me how do you choose a business idea when you have a few options?

At this starting stage, I can easily take the time to answer his question directly. And to take it one step further, I know this is something that plagues a ton of beginner entrepreneurs, including myself when I was starting out, so I even created a video about it and told him to check it out. 

This personalized attention helps to give a solution to his individual case and if it makes the impact on his life and business that I’m hoping for, that’s a big win in my books. 

Another example is breaking down another community member’s question about grabbing his first paying customers for the power-washing company he started. 

As a small personal brand, I can work on these “unscalable” tasks like answering his questions in-depth and providing concrete examples with the goal of helping him personally. 

The beauty of both examples is that while I can help them individually, I also know their questions are super common. Therefore, I can expand upon their questions by creating videos for the general audience who are also looking for the same solution, yet I have the opportunity to customize it to the ones who asked. 

When you get big, this becomes much harder to do because you have to primarily concentrate on the tasks that drive the biggest impact on your business and brand. 

So that’s why I say that you should really just enjoy this time as a small YouTuber and content creator because giving value to others in a personalized way is pretty awesome if you ask me. 

Thank you to those who have discovered me and your continuing support along the way. You really do make my day when I see your questions and comments. 

And for the rest of you small YouTubers who enjoyed this video, don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button below with the notifications turned on. 

This is Alan signing off and here’s to you investing in your knowledge and future in the Freedom of Choice lifestyle – I’ll see you soon. 

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