How To Get Your First Paying Customer In 1-Easy Step

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Hey what’s up everyone, this is Alan, and today I want to give you a super simple 1-step process for you to grab your first paying customer. 

[Shower thoughts] Hm, is it still a process if it is only one-step?

Anyways, the best part is that I’ll be taking you through it with a real example asked by a community member, Jake. 

Jake said that his biggest entrepreneurial challenge is grabbing customers from the start. 

And his business? He is looking to start a power washing company. 

I already like the first step that Jake has taken here, which is starting a business that is low-cost and gives him the room to validate his power washing service to his local community. 

From what I see on Amazon, Jake can start his power washing company with equipment cost between $129-300. Throw in miscellaneous cost like licensing and let’s say he can get started between $500-$1,000. 

Not bad, a few clients should be more than enough to get him profitable. 

So that was the easy part. The challenging part now is how to actually get that first paying customer. 

Jake told me that he sent out 400 flyers to his local community, did some Facebooking, and added his business on Angie’s List. However, he wasn’t getting the traction he was hoping for.

When first-time entrepreneurs start out, they tend to see things this way: “Since I sent out 400 flyers, if even 1% of those people who received it books me, then I’m already making money. This should be easy!”

There is SOME truth to that, but with a very big caveat: how focused is your audience targeting for the specific SOLUTION, not service, that you provide?

Here’s what I mean. I didn’t ask Jake for what his flyer looked like, but here’s how many would do it:

how to get your first paying customer

In this flyer, you’re introducing your power washing company and the list of services you offer, as well as your contact information. Seems logical, right? 

The problem is that it is not. You may be thinking that your targeting is specific because you’re giving these flyers to homeowners, but that’s only scratching the surface.

If I was starting a power washing company, here’s what I would do:

how to get your first paying client

I would include the following:

  • A headline that grabs their attention – Make Your White Fences Like New Again!
  • An image that shares the solution they’re looking for
  • Some copy that hooks them in further
    • Nature is not great for what used to be your sparkling white fences, but WE can make them shine once again in 30 minutes or less. Guaranteed no streaks!
  • More social proof
  • And a call to action that is easy and feels risk-free – Text 555-555-5555 for an obligation-free quote. Or call if you want to talk to a real human.

So what’s the difference?

This improved flyer pitches a VERY SPECIFIC SOLUTION catered to a hyper-focused audience: power washing for homeowners who have white fences. 

Do homeowners hate looking at the brown and green dirty layer that is now on their expensive white fences? You bet. 

Have they possibly tried to clean it at some point, but it took too much time or the fence looked streaky? There’s a pretty good chance. 

And now that you have a hyper-focused targeted audience, can you increase your chances of booking your first client if you only distribute these flyers to homes with white fences? Heck yeah!

You don’t get your first paying customer by offering everything

When you’re trying to get your first few paying customers, you’re not there to try to sell every service you have. You have to present your business to a small segment of prospects who want a particular solution that you provide. 

You’re not Jake the power washer. 

You’re Jake, the power washing boss who makes every white fence in your community shine bright like new again, where neighbors will get jealous and ask how they can also get their fences to look amazing too.

how to find paying customers

Can you make a full-time living being the boss of power washing white fences? I don’t know, to be honest, I don’t know anything about power washing.

But if you can’t, then it can be a starting point. As you start to build up your rep as the white fence power washing master, clients will ask, “What else do you offer?” They’ll make referrals to their friends and family and they’ll come back as your repeat customers. 

All of that increases your customer lifetime value and decreases your customer acquisition cost, which in turn, can definitely turn into a full-time living. 

So there ya have it. Your ONE step to getting your first paying customer is to offer a very specific SOLUTION, not service, to a hyper-focused audience that very clearly needs it. 

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This is Alan signing off and here’s to you investing in your knowledge and future in the Freedom of Choice lifestyle – I’ll see you soon 🙂

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