Who is your first hire as a side-hustler or freelancer?

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Feeling overwhelmed in your side hustle or freelancing business? It may be time for your first hire and today I’m going to share who it is and why it will be critical to growing your side-hustle or freelancing business. 

If you run your business solo and you’ve already generated some type of traction in your business, it’s likely that you’re starting to feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day to concentrate on growing your business because you’re too busy spending time in the business

Now when you’re working in the business, you’re working on the day-to-day activities to stay afloat and this prevents you from actually growing and scaling. You’ve essentially given yourself a job. 

But if you’re OK with the revenue level that you’ve achieved and are not looking to scale, that’s perfectly fine. Some people enjoy the comfort of having a full-time job and keeping their side-hustle or freelancing as a part-time gig. 

However, if you’re looking to grow your revenue or scale your business, then it’s time to make your first hire. 

Who is your first hire?

That first hire is usually a personal assistant that you can train to take care of any repetitive tasks, monotonous duties, or time-consuming activities that are easy to do, yet take up a lot of time. 

Your personal assistant is the individual that is there to handle certain tasks from the operations standpoint, where you’ve determined is not worth your expertise and time in contributing to the growth of your business, but it is still needed on the day-to-day. 

I’ll give you an example. In my past business, Disavow This, it was an agency that worked with marketing firms and individual companies to clean up their backlink profiles because Google was releasing penalties for bad SEO practices. 

When I first launched, I had to work on the website design, development, Google ads, closing the sales, and then perform the actual work of cleaning up my clients’ backlinks, sending emails to webmasters for deletion of links, and contacting Google to revoke the penalty. 

As I’m sure you’re very aware, when you’re running a business solo, you have to wear every single hat in the company. 

At a certain point though, it is impossible to grow without passing at least some of the hats to your first hire. 

I believe it is important to wear all the hats in the beginning though.

Not only out of necessity but the fact that you actually understand the intricacies of the work. You’ll be better as a boss and leader when you’re training your first hire and any ones after that. 

That’s why when you’re ready to make your first hire, you should prepare by creating checklists, manuals, or video walkthroughs so it becomes super easy for your new personal assistant to pick up the tasks and also reference back to it when needed. 

So my first hire was a personal assistant who helped me send out emails to webmasters requesting removals of those bad SEO links. It was a monotonous task, yet it was critical to show Google that we put in the work. 

However, it shouldn’t be the task that I, as the owner, should concentrate on. 

My job was to grow the business. 

I’m feeling a slight hesitation from you…

I know a hesitation you might have is that you’re worried that you now have an extra expense to take care of, the fixed salary of a personal assistant. 

You may even be thinking to yourself, “But the tasks are so easy so I don’t want to pay someone else to do it.”

Think of it this way though: in my situation, even though I have to pay someone’s salary, I now have the free time to concentrate on marketing for leads, and also more time for sales calls. 

When I bring in more sales, it MORE than pays for the salary expense of a personal assistant. 

Your first hire is the scariest because you’re going to start cutting your profits. 

But if you do it right and you’re concentrating your newly found time on growth activities in your business, you’ll very quickly discover that not only is it the best move for your company’s revenue, but also for your mental sanity. 

If you have any questions about making your first hire and how to make the transition, then drop a comment on my YouTube video

Here’s to you investing in your knowledge and future in the Freedom of Choice lifestyle. I’ll see you soon.

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