Do this ONE thing before buying online courses or coaching from “gurus”

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This one might make those fake “online gurus” feel a little exposed. Sounds good to me, let’s go!

Today I want to hopefully save you from wasting thousands of dollars on online courses or coaching from these “gurus” that are just everywhere online. 

But I want to preface by saying that what I’m about to say primarily goes for those selling in the make money online and stock trading niches, and all of the in-betweens of anything that promises you a crazy financial future or fast riches. 

Not all online course creators or coaches are bad – there are plenty of great ones. 

But the fakers and the bad eggs are who drive me crazy because I’m very familiar with their sales pitches and funnels because they all follow the same exact model. 

And of course, I was a sucker more times than I would’ve liked when I first started on this entrepreneurship journey. 

How fake “online gurus” bait you

You see, this industry likes to portray that you can get rich overnight. It’s sexy and attention-grabbing. 

Kind of like if I used an image of a beautiful girl for my YouTube video’s thumbnail.

I know for sure I’ll get more clicks. But I won’t do that because it’s misleading.

There’s no beautiful girl in this video, you’re just stuck here with me. 

Or perhaps how I actually did bait you with curiosity with this post’s title: “Do this ONE thing before you buy online courses.”

No worries though, I really do have one thing to share. 

These “online gurus” have infinite tricks like these because they’re pretty good at marketing psychology. Where they fall short is that if they’re selling crazy expensive online courses, the paid content itself is very poor quality and the results are either faked or blown way out of proportion. 

The results they show you is how they hook you. They spend all of their time on the sales pitch, from their videos to copywriting. 

They share how they made millions of dollars in their first year, but of course, you guessed it, they were dead broke before that. This before and after contrast is what grabs your attention because you think to yourself “Holy cow, this means I can do it too.”

They also do a good job in their sales copy to make themselves feel relatable to you. This is all by design. 

To be honest, I can go on and on about these fake online gurus but I’m going to stop here. There are some channels I found that expose these fake online gurus in-depth, like the Coffeezilla YouTube channel, so just check those out because they’ll do a way better job than me

Here’s what I do to NOT get sucked in

Instead, I’m going to share with you the one thing you can do to make sure that if you spend money on online courses, it’ll be worth your time and hard-earned dollars.

Ready? You can learn it if you buy this secret for $7. 

Totally kidding, I wouldn’t do that to you. 

My one tip is actually super simple, but it will require you to have some self-discipline and patience. 

The one thing you can do is to follow them for at least a few months before buying anything from them

You can sign up for their newsletters, follow them on social media, and watch them on YouTube

You’re probably going to be pitched constantly to buy their products, but just practice some discipline and don’t buy ANYTHING from them. Not even that $7 intro offer. 

You’re going to be tempted by scarcity triggers, like limited-time offers or once in a lifetime discounts. 

Take a step back, follow them, and see how valuable their FREE advice is. If their free advice is solid and doesn’t just mask their sales offer as advice, then that’s at least a good start.

When you follow somebody online for a lengthier period of time, you take a step back from the “shiny object syndrome” and back into reality. All of the promises they make about your financial future no longer trigger an impulsive buy. 

And the longer you’re around them, the more you can gauge how genuine and legit they actually are, versus just wanting to grab your cash. 

A wolf can’t wear a sheep’s mask forever. Eventually, the truth will be revealed and you’ll see with greater clarity over time by not purchasing anything from them right away. 

One of the pillars of the Freedom of Choice lifestyle I pitch is Financial Discipline. 

A part of Financial Discipline is to not lose or waste money, especially on false promises and hope. 

If you have any questions that you’d like me to help answer, then enter it in the YouTube video’s comments section

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This is Alan signing off and here’s to you investing in your knowledge and future in the Freedom of Choice lifestyle. I’ll see you soon. 

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