What are the top 3 benefits of having a job + side-hustle?

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Being a full-time entrepreneur is not always better than having a job. Think I’m crazy? I’ll give you 3 reasons why I’m not – let’s go!

Hey what’s up everyone, this is Alan here and today’s we’re going to explore the top 3 benefits of having a job plus a side-hustle, instead of full-time entrepreneurship. 

If you’ve watched my latest videos, you know that I went from full-time entrepreneur for the last 10 years to a job at a company plus a side-hustle. 

And that side-hustle is being right here with you on YouTube and Instagram. 

So why did I do this? Well, I believe there are many benefits to it. 

Keeping creative fun alive

The first benefit is that posting on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, it is creative work. I have to think about what corny jokes or skits to add to my videos and ideas on scripting to keep you more actively engaged.

I’m not building out my audience to make a quick buck from you. Instead, I’m hell-bent on spreading my vision on what I believe is one of the most powerful ways to live: the Freedom of Choice lifestyle

To spread a vision takes time and you can’t force it on people. I believe you need to create a ton of free content for your audience to get to know you, trust you, and prove that you’re worthy of their time. 

If I was relying on YouTube or making money online as my primary source of income, then I may not last very long in the original content creation game. 

And I’m being completely honest here because I think if my job was to make money off my videos, then my content would be skewed quite a bit to always force you into my marketing funnels so that I can make a sale off you. 

[SKIT] “Hey guys, I want to ask you a question. Why aren’t you making a million dollars a year? If you want to be like me where I rent lambos and mansions to pretend like I’m a hot shot, then you should buy my $2,000 course where I teach you outdated methods on affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or whatever methods no longer work. I GOTCHU!”

If I’m to be honest with you, man, I hate seeing those ads in front of entrepreneur videos that I actually want to watch. It makes me shake my head and I wish I could somehow find a way to veto those videos from showing up when my channel is monetized in the future. 

I don’t want to be those guys, even if it can make me a ton of money. 

So that’s why I chose to have a job at a company while building up my Freedom of Choice vision with you. 

I wanted to keep the clarity and purity of what the vision is. I want you to see through my own personal creativity and expression via video on why this vision has empowered my life and to decide for yourself without sales pitches that it may be amazing for you too. 

Take some pressure off entrepreneurship

The second benefit of having my day job fund my personal life as well as this side-hustle is that it takes off a load of pressure and I get to have a ton of fun with content creation. 

As a former full-time entrepreneur, I had to live the role 24/7. My mind never shut off, because if I knew that if I half-assed it, it would be hard to make a living and survive, especially in the beginning. 

And this is coming from a guy who only went for lifestyle businesses, meaning that I wanted to keep it small, with no outside funding, and with remote teams. 

I never aimed to build some billion-dollar brand, yet it was still a ton of work with my small teams of up to 6 employees. 

Paying a few people’s salaries and having them rely on you as their source of income definitely brings on stress and the absolute pressure to succeed.

And I have plenty of white hairs to show for it. 

However, by having a job right now, it’s nice to know that a predictable paycheck comes every 2 weeks. 

I get the benefit of a peace of mind knowing that my job can pay my own and my family’s bills. And because of that, I have way more fun creating my videos. 

Don’t get me wrong though. It is actually still a TON of work by having a full-time job and creating videos as a side-hustle, especially because it is to grow a big vision. 

I still work late to get it done and feel plenty of pressure many times. However, it isn’t the same pressure as needing to bring in revenue as a full-time business owner in order to keep my own and my employees’ lights on. 

Building and growing your Professional Edge

The third benefit is that when you work on a side-hustle while having a job, you give yourself the time buffer to better master the skills you want to learn, get practice with real-life implementation, and all of it while giving yourself the chance to make plenty of mistakes without major repercussions. 

One of the pillars of the Freedom of Choice lifestyle is Professional Edge, and that’s mastering your professional expertise so that you’re invaluable to any organization you join as a job or being able to provide valuable solutions if you are to freelance or become a full-time entrepreneur. 

When you know the value and worth of your Professional Edge, what you want to do in your career becomes totally up to you. And in my humble opinion, that becomes a much happier way of living. 

When you build a side-hustle, you have to learn EVERYTHING in order to make sales. 

For example, let’s take digital marketing. On your own, you’re likely going to pick up crafting customer avatars, positioning, SEO, paid ads, social media marketing, video, email, copywriting, and more. 

By knowing and understanding all that it takes to monetize a brand and bring in sales is a Professional Edge that career job marketers will very rarely gain. Most career marketers are just stuck in ONE part of marketing, such as organic SEO, paid media, or email. 

The business skills that you learn in your side-hustle will absolutely spill into your full-time job. You see, very few employees understand monetization and business growth, so how valuable do you think you’ll be to an organization if you know how to grow their revenue? I think you know the answer. 

So the beauty of this one is that you can build these business skills on the side while having a job and it will give you a vast amount of job options and opportunities for a greater variety of roles, yet if you want, you can just quit and become a full-time entrepreneur whenever you’re ready. 

So that wraps up my top 3 benefits of having a job with a side-hustle. It is not easy by any means, but it definitely has its perks. 

If you’re building a side hustle right now, drop a comment below and let me know what your biggest challenge is. 

Also, don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button below with the notifications turned on. 

This is Alan signing off and here’s to you investing in your knowledge and future in the Freedom of Choice lifestyle. I’ll see you soon 🙂

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