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So this is the section of my website where I’m supposed to brag about how awesome I am and what I’ve accomplished so that I can position myself as an authoritative expert to you.

However, I would rather have my free content speak for itself, so check out my insights into personal finance, business, and career hustling by visiting here to decide for yourself.

I will say that putting myself on camera and publishing it to the world is certainly a personal challenge, but because every part of my being is screaming excuses to put it off, that is exactly why I’m doing it.

When you take action on the parts of life that you keep putting off or more particularly, the things you fear, you’ll find that your life will create amazing opportunities that you would’ve never expected or even anticipated.

When you face fear head-on, the new opportunities will lead to accomplishments that you can be proud of. Here are a few of my professional favorites:

  • Within the marketing industry, I built a tech company and a service agency. Both were acquired
  • Consulting startups from zero to 6-8 figures in revenue
  • Led the Growth team of a FinTech company that grew to $1 billion in profits and 10 million registered users within the first 2 years of operation
  • Personally coached or partnered with first-time entrepreneurs on side-hustles that ultimately led to them quitting their jobs and scaling their business

All of the above is built on the foundations of what I call the ‘Freedom of Choice‘ lifestyle.

I am diligent with my personal finances, so that gives me the financial cushion to explore the opportunities I’m interested in. This pillar is called ‘Financial Discipline’.

I invest in my knowledge for business, marketing, and entrepreneurship, so that opens opportunities for building my own company or contribute to the right one. The choice is really up to me. The goal is to gain mastery over my skills so that I’m valuable anywhere I go. This pillar is called ‘Professional Edge’.

The goal of my website is to share my experience on both and help you set up your own ‘Freedom of Choice’ lifestyle.

If that is something you’re game for, then I invite you to follow along on this website and my YouTube channel.

To investing in yourself,

Alan Kong

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The Freedom of Choice lifestyle is a state-of-mind and shift in perspective that transforms your life because through the essential foundations we set together, opportunities will always be waiting for you.

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